Saturday, April 16, 2016

First tutorial in the works: Adult Diaper pattern!

Working on my first tutorial, I'm take care of an elderly woman who has dementia. She uses depends for her inability to remember to go to the bathroom some days but come to find out, adult diapers they are only good for incontinence and not ment to hold alot of fluid, I decided to make her some cloth diapers like I use for my baby. Finding a pattern were few and far between and since I already make them for my daughter, I figured it wouldn't be that difficult to just up the size with a few alterations. And they worked out great after a few trial runs I've gotten the pattern perfect with adjustable sides and all around elastic, their perfect for someone who can go use the restroom on their own, but also easy to change when accidents occur. Stay tuned for a full color tutorial with steps to create your own pattern or a link to purchase my ready made one!


Welcome to my page! I am a stay at home mom that loves to sew and create magnificent patterns, I'm opening this blog to share some diy tutorials and promote my buisness. I'm in the middle of preparing a few patterns for testing, and currently sell Embroidery thread as a means of income. In the future I hope to have patterns available for sale, custom embroidery, and special projects.  Thanks for checking us out and make sure to stop back soon for updates!
UPDATE: I've opened an Etsy store where we have notions and custom embroidery for sale! also can take custom orders, but have not quite figured out the best way to go about listing clothing items in the store as of yet, to give a full idea of pattern and fabric choices,still learning here! but if there's any interest at all in anything custom, my store page is or email me for any special ideas